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The Finnish Patent office has issued a broad patent to BroadBit Batteries on our ground-breaking high power battery technology. This innovation enables ultra-fast batteries which can be fully recharged in just 5 minutes. “High power, fast charging batteries are critical if we are to significantly grow the electric car market from its current 0.1% of vehicles sold. BroadBit’s battery technology enables quick and convenient fill-ups to which people are accustomed in their existing petrol fuelled automobiles and, thus, eliminates one of the last obstacles to mass market update of electric vehicles”, David Brown, CEO, said, adding, “Our technology is also critical for grid stabilization for private, local, regional renewable power stabilization. Today’s patent granting confirms the uniqueness of our technology and our strong IP position to lead these revolutions in transportation and energy”


BroadBit Battery is the world’s leading metallic sodium battery developer. BroadBit’s breakthrough sodium based battery innovations replaces and surpasses current lithium based batteries in terms of cost, energy, power and longevity; making electric cars cheaper and better performing and grid storage economically attractive and even enabling electric airplanes.