Image alt “Our electrolyte has already been proven to increase in LCO cycle life by 75%, have 15 Celsius higher stable operating temperature, and have 30% higher low temperature conductivity compared to traditional electrolytes for LCO batteries. Today we have also demonstrated that we can simultaneously increase the LCO cathode's energy capacity by at least 22%, without compromising its cycle life. LCO cathodes can achieve over 4.1 g/cm3 density with 92% active material content, and with current electrolytes on the market their reversible capacity is 138 mAh/g with respect to the cathode material mass. With our ProLion electrolyte, the same cathode structure can achieve 167 mAh/g stable capacity with respect to the cathode material mass, along with 3.85 V average discharge voltage with respect to the graphite anode. This corresponds to 643 Wh/kg gravimetric and 2636 Wh/L volumetric energy density of the cathode structure, which is a new record”, said BroadBit Batteries CTO, Andras Kovacs. “And no changes to the battery composition, structure, or manufacturing process are needed to achieve these improvements”, he added. “Once again, we have achieved another breakthrough in battery technology", said BroadBit Batteries CEO, David Brown, "Plug&Replace ProLion electrolyte can be easily substituted in existing cell assembly lines and bring large and immediate gains in battery performance. In simple terms, this means 22% longer range for your EV at no extra cost added on top of the already demonstrated benefits of longer life, higher power and improved safety. We look forward to working with our customers and partners to bring this innovation to the market immediately.” For more information or to purchase a sample, please contact

About BroadBit:

BroadBit is a technology company developing revolutionary new batteries using novel chemistries to power the future green economy. We have already made high performance industrial prototypes and are now commercializing the technology for next generation electric vehicles, portable electronics, starters and grid energy storage. Our batteries enable Increased range/use time, longer lifetime, reduced cost, improved environmental friendliness, improved operating temperature range, and scalability to any required production volume.